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Ensure Fair Property Division

The Borger Law Firm PLLC has 17 years of experience in Texas family law. We understand the challenges of property division that follow divorce. Property division and child custody are often the most contested elements as you transition to a new life. We're skilled at working with individuals to resolve both. We can determine the value of your assets and negotiate or litigate solutions.

Seventeen Years Of Experience Defining Ownership And Value

Since 2000, attorney David Scott Borger has helped Texans divide family businesses, high-asset estates and to determine the value of complex property holdings. He will work with financial experts and accountants to establish the true value of property. He negotiates on your behalf and he's an experienced trial lawyer who is ready to fight for you when an agreement can't be reached.

He is also skilled at prenuptial and property agreements to define ownership going into a marriage, which will avoid disputes later on.

Attention To Short- And Long-Term Value

Texas is a community property state, which means that assets gained during a marriage are equally shared between partners. In the rush to finalize a divorce and move on with life, clients often seek to complete a divorce settlement as soon as possible. We understand time and cost constraints that come with legal counsel, and we'll work with you to resolve your immediate needs, while making sure your fair value.

Complex and hard to value assets, such as a family business or corporation, require detailed analysis of their earning power and costs of operation. We'll work with experts to find the true value so you don't regret anything later on.

When It Comes To Assessment, Experience Matters

We've helped Texans settle their disputes for 17 years, defending clients in contested trials and in cordial negotiations. We've worked with diverse clientele to settle complex and simple estates.

Your satisfaction is our mission.

Your Property Division Law Firm

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